Neva Masquerade

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Witchfyre Elijah


Tiggytykes Paolo X Witchfyre Aria
FIFe Ex1, Best in Variety, NOM BIS: Milton Keynes Jan 31st 2010. Judge A.Shchukin Netherlands
GCCF Merit: Preston 27th March 2010. Judge J.Clare

Elijah is too closely related to our girls so is currently on loan to Sapphirensteel Siberians. He has sired some beautiful kittens from Sibbycats and Mykirastar girls in 2012 and we are very proud of him.



Witchfyre Boudica


Witchfyre Anatoly X Witchfyre Aria

2 CACs Felis Britannica 2012
Her first kittens are due February 2013 from our golden boy Sammy. We are hoping for golden and brown tabby. All kittens will be point carriers



Witchfyre Behemoth


CH Belphégor D'Artannes X Tiggytykes Lulabelle
GCCF Merit. NW Cat Club
Our thanks to judge Mrs M Kalal "A charming youngster developing beautifully".

Best Kitten Longhaired Speciality in two rings!! NaturallyTica CC Yorkshire Sunday 23rd November 2008.
Our thanks to judges Francesca Gagern, Austria, and Irene Van-Belzen, The Netherlands...and also to Debbie Lopeman, USA, who thought so highly of him.


Witchfyre Aria


CH Belphégor D'Artannes X Koolblue Hester
At just 3 months, Aria won Best in Variety at VCC Leeds 7th September 2008 and was nominated to BIS NV where she just lost out to my own chocolate Abyssinian!.

Fife Winners Show 2008 Ex1, Best Colourpoint Kitten, NOM Best Kitten Siberian Special