A little over fourteen years ago a little colourpoint or Neva Masqerade kitten popped up in my first litter from two full coloured parents.
His name was Witchfyre Belenus, a blue point. I fell in love. As he was related to my cats he was placed in another cattery where he went on to win Best in Show for his new owner Lorraine Brown of Koolblue Siberians.
In my next litter came another blue tabby point, a female Witchfyre Aria. She has now retired and her offspring still dominate my Neva breeding.
Shortly after this the FIFE Cat Registry decided to split the Siberian breed into two 'sister' breeds. At first I considered being the first Siberian Cattery in the UK to specialise in the Neva Masquerade Cat but after considering the impact of breeding just for colour, in what is still a small gene pool, I decided to remain with the WCF and GCCF registry and support the Siberian Cat as the original Russian breed standard. I had already created the site, so I added pictures of my cats to celebrate this beautuful colour pattern.
From 2018 we have decided to use our prefix Witchstorm for our Neva to Neva matings which will result in all Neva Masquerade Siberians.
This is my latest update, particularly poignant as there is an increasing movement against this original colour, in the UK. It is our aim to raise the awareness of this disappearing colour and restore it to it's rightful place amonst the Siberian Cat population, here and world-wide.

Meet Our Friends

These are some of the catteries where our imports are from, or who have our cats as breeding Kings and Queens.

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Witchfyre Yulandr

Dottie was born in April 2014. Her dad is a full colour Siberian Goldenesima Alexandr and mum is Witchfyre Boudica. She went to live with Liz at Sibbycats. Now retired.

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Witchfyre Stasik

Stasik is a stunning silver classic male. His father is Goldenesima Alexandr and his mother Koolblue Amelie. He carries colourpoint. Now retired.

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From France

Belphegor D'Artannes

Belphie was our first stud boy. He is a colourpoint carrier and was the dad of the two colourpoint babies that captured our hearts! Now retired.

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From Switzerland

Goldenesima Belenus

Belenus came to us from the Goldenesima Cattery in Switzerland. We have some lovely kittens from him. Now retired. Goldenesima also gave us Alexandr (see W. Baroque) a point carrier and also our Golden point girl Calista.

...years since the first Siberian Cat standard was written...
...years since the Siberian Cat reached the UK...
...years since our cattery was formed...