Sept, 27 2018 News


Welcome to our new website. Here you will find news and information about our Neva Masquerade Siberian Cats at Witchstorm

2018 Kittens

Kitten Plans

We have Neva Masquerade kittens due October 2018

2018 Kittens

Kittens Available

We have one kitten available; go to our main site Witchfyre Siberians

2018 News

Show News

We do not currently have any shows booked.

2018 News

Cat Garden

Check out our new cat garden! Some photos of our new outside cat-proof garden. It measures 50ft by 50ft! At the moment we have only grass (and a few weeds) but over the next twelve months we will be planting cat safe flora and fauna.... With thanks to my ever resourceful hubby, Fine Mesh Metals , Derek Fox Timber and Protectapet mesh we now have a great place for our cats to hang out. So far tested with all of our escapes to date.

2018 Article

Siberian Cat Colours

Some information about the Siberian cat colours and registries

...years since the first Siberian Cat standard was written...
...years since the Siberian Cat reached the UK...
...years since our cattery was formed...